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Not only in cooking shows and magazines is advertised for smoking boards. Even in markets, the tasty scent of smoked salmon is increasingly rising. Those who risk a look see pink salmon smoked on wooden boards on open flame'gar. This is a feast for the senses. With a smoke board, everyone can get this magic in their garden or on their own balcony.

However, connoisseurs also recommend other types of wood. For example, red-cedar for salmon, because it gives a very spicy, sweet note. For poultry and mussels alder should fit perfectly. If you want to smoke pork, trust in the sweet, mild smoke of maple wood. Strong and intense, a walnut type, the hickory wood.

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What is a smoker board? A smoker board is not an ingenious kitchen utensil. It is a simple, untreated wooden board. Not every wood is suitable for it. But Buche has prevailed thanks to its universally applicable, striking smoke.

A smoker board is between one and 1.5 inches thick. The length and width depend on which portion of meat is to be smoked on it and, of course, how much space the grill offers.

How to use a smoker's board A smoker's board can be used on a grill with charcoal or on a gas powered grill. Most importantly, the board is watered before use. If it were dry, it would start to burn or burn. In addition, it is only the damp wood that provides the desired smoke. To water the board, it is placed in a container of water and weighed down with a heavy object, otherwise it would float on the water.

Tips for watering a smoking rack: Not only the type of wood, but also the liquid that flows into the board gives the smoke its unique smell and taste. Therefore, a good drop of wine, beer, whiskey or cognac may be added to the water. Fruit juices, orange gong and co also provide variety and the special kick and individual taste in the smoked fish and Fleisch.Salz or chili can give the smoke an additional spicy note.

Smoke boards are also useful for vegetarians. Even if meat and fish are the usual suspects on a smokehouse, smoked peppers or other vegetables will taste just as good.

Where can I get a smoker's board? Basically, there are smoking boards in every well-stocked kitchen and barbeque supplies to buy. The wood must be absolutely untreated. By heating otherwise risky pollutants would be released and not only inhaled but also absorbed by the food. Ask a carpenter or carpenter for leftovers. This is not only cheaper, as often a small tip is enough, but also safer. Wood from fruit trees can also be used as a smoking board.The smoke board – a disposable item? Not at all. An eraser board can be used multiple times. Of course it wears off the faster, the thinner it is. But even if it no longer functions as a smokehouse, it can still be used as an energy supplier for stove and campfire. The price in the trade is between two and 20 euros.

When the smokehouse is ready, the smokehouse must be immediately quenched with cold water to prevent any glowing. When handling the smoker board, always make sure that it is sufficiently wet and that there is no risk of fire.

Tip: Do not lay the smoker on an open flame, but place it in the middle and the charcoal around it. For indirect heat during smoking, the lid can be closed or a simple aluminum foil hood placed on the board.

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