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  • Easy to use
  • With design, sustainability & quality running right to the...
  • Valves for Life! If you manage to break, snap, bend or crack...
  • Peaty’s tubeless valves fit most tubeless setups from MTB...
  • Badass tubeless tyre sealant that seals tears and holes up...
  • Seals porous tyres and bead/rim gaps
  • Contains cutting-edge molecules to fill large holes and...
  • ▲ 【Easy to Use】 this high-quality tire mount/demount...
  • ▲ 【Strong And Durable】heavy duty drop-forged carbon...
  • ▲【Features Nylon Rollers】protecting the tire bead,...
  • Compound: triple compound
  • Type: tubeless, clincher
  • Protection: MicroSkin

They have only been on the market for about ten years: the tubeless tyres for mountain bikes. Compared to other countries, however, tyre systems are becoming very slow to establish. They really do offer many advantages. It was in 1999 that Michelin introduced a revolutionary tyre to the market. The tubeless tyre was born, but Germany missed the opportunity. Even though the benefits are many times greater than the negative points, many outdoor enthusiasts still find the change difficult. Even the first initial difficulties have long been overcome. Mounting the tubeless tyres is particularly important, because the advantages of tubeless tyres only come to light when the rim and tyres are available as a closed system – and are ultimately convincing.

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Since the tube is not necessary, tubeless tyres are less prone to punctures. They have optimised flexing properties, which reduce rolling resistance. The result is better driving comfort. The air pressure of the tyres is also reduced. This gives the tyres more traction, which also increases comfort. In the end, the weight of the rotating mass is reduced. At all these points it becomes clear that it is especially the driving pleasure that is improved by the tubeless tyres. In France, a holiday destination, mountain bikers appreciate the high level of puncture safety. Why is France mentioned as a holiday destination? Because the vegetation of dry areas, undergrowth and even thorns here places high demands on the material of tyres. The reward after installation follows on the foot with varying ride comfort and fewer breakdowns. Thanks to improved grip and puncture safety, speed is also increased. A further advantage that speaks for a conversion to tubeless tyres. This will be achieved by the no longer existing friction between tube and tire. Where previously a burst tube caused a disaster, the tubeless tyre does not mind the sudden loss of air. All these facts also show that the mountain bike is good to ride even in critical situations. Last but not least, a tubeless tyre can be sealed with the appropriate puncture protection fluid in just a few seconds. Over the years, various manufacturers have specialised in tubeless tyres. The brands in question are Wie Notubes, Schwalbe Neuheiten and Continental

But there are also disadvantages that we do not want to deny you in our guidebook. Assembly is more complex and requires a lot of effort. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to give the wheel to the workshop for conversion. If you do the mounting yourself, make sure that the rim and bead are completely clean. Don’t be surprised if retrofitting and the subsequent sealing process are time-consuming. That’s perfectly normal. Although rare, the tyre may come off the rim during high lateral forces such as a jump or landing. This can lead to a fall! Ultimately, a higher price for tubeless tyres also has an impact. Once invested, the new tyre system presents amazing durability.

The tubeless tyre is now sealed with a tyre sealant. This is a liquid containing latex. It is placed directly into the tyre and from now on seals the original connection between rim and tyre. In particular, it performs the prophylactic function of preventing the puncture of the tyres. If a sharp object pierces the tyre, the material immediately seals the leak. A mixture of fibres and sealing crystals is responsible for this; they wedge at the perforated point and cross-link the hole. Even small cuts or holes up to a size of seven millimeters are sealed.

TOP 5 Tubeless tyres Bestseller

Muc Off No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Tyre Sealant Kit, 827, 140ml
  • Sport Type: Cycling
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 6.69 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 3.94 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 1.18 Inches
Muc Off No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Tyre Sealant
  • Badass tubeless tyre sealant that seals tears and holes up to 6mm
  • Seals porous tyres and bead/rim gaps
  • Contains cutting-edge molecules to fill large holes and tears
  • Lasts up to 6 months in temperate climates and won’t ball up
  • Non-corrosive and easy to wash off
BLACKHORSE-RACING 17.5" to 24.5" Tire Changer Mount Demount Removal Tool Tubeless Truck Extra Bead Keeper Yellow
  • ▲ 【Easy to Use】 this high-quality tire mount/demount tool set is specially designed to simplify mounting and demounting stubborn 17.5" to 24.5" tires and protecting wheels. Eliminates the need to lift & rim to remove the bottom bead. Only one tool needed to demount tires.
  • ▲ 【Strong And Durable】heavy duty drop-forged carbon steel construction, 3mm seamless tube main-body, powder coated gloss finish surface, makes this tire mount demount tool smooth and rust-proof, ensures long life.
  • ▲【Features Nylon Rollers】protecting the tire bead, preventing possible strain or even serious damage and saving valuable casings for successful retreading.
  • ▲【Dimensions (LxWxH)】39.4"x11.8"x9.8" (100*30*25cm)
  • ▲【Utility】wide range of applications and universal fit for many kind of vehicle. Our manual tire changer suits for most radial & bias ply tires.

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