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The western saddle was only used for western riding for a long time. Today, however, it is also becoming increasingly popular with amateur riders, as this type of saddle has at least clear advantages over other variants. With a western saddle the horn is at the front. This is because the lasso of the cowboy was attached to this horn, which caught his cattle directly from the horse. Also characteristic for a western saddle are unusual decorations, some of which were punched into the leather. The western saddle today is a further development of the original western saddle, which was used by the conquistadors for riding in South and Central America. Even the materials used today are lighter and more modern.

Saddle typesIf you want to buy a western saddle, you have to choose between several models. With the Reiningsattel the horn is particularly low. However, reins are not a problem here. In general, this saddle is well suited for training mounts and other disciplines. The cutting saddle, on the other hand, has a very flat seat and does not contain a seat recess. Forks and Horns are quite high, which in some cases impairs the reins a bit. If the rider should only hold on to the horn, then this saddle is optimal. The Old Timer is best suited for longer rides. It’s more of a second choice for training. The roping saddle is equipped with a stable horn to make it easier to work with the lasso. The Barrel Racer has a little less weight. This saddle model gives the horse more manoeuvrability.

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Free time: Western saddle Video Guide

The difference to conventional saddlesA western saddle can be recognized by the saddle horn. In addition, these saddles often contain a fairly large seat area. This ensures an ideal weight distribution for the rider. If these are made of real leather, as was usual in the past, then Western saddles have more weight than similar leisure saddles because of their size. The western saddle is in contrast to the English saddle more stable processed. This means that such a saddle, which is of high quality, can last a lifetime. Because the western saddle was only used for work in the past, when the rider sat in it for twelve or more hours a day, the sitting comfort is often comparatively higher compared to other types of saddle. Even the girthing as well as the stirrup form are different with the western saddle.

What to consider when buying a Western saddleThe first question to ask is which type of Western saddle to choose. The Allround and Reiner Western saddles are especially recommended for riders in their leisure time. If the western saddle is to be mounted on a mount with a short back, problems may occur. Therefore, it is important to choose a variant that is slightly shortened. With the western saddle even a rising withers of the horse could be disturbing. Then it must be clear which rider should use this western saddle. Because western saddles are quite heavy, they are not suitable for smaller or younger riders, and sometimes also for particularly large horses, because this makes it difficult to put on the saddle. In addition, the chamber width of the western saddle must fit the horse. Such a saddle can always be used together with a pad that fits anatomically. The skirts of the western saddle must neither be too soft nor too hard. It is important when buying that the quality of this saddle is right.

Advantages of a weather saddle – it is lighter compared to other saddles – it is characterized by a high stability – it is very durable – it offers a large seat area – here an ideal weight distribution of the rider on the horse’s back takes place

Disadvantages of a weather saddle – the adjustment of the stirrups can by no means be done from the horse – the adjustment of the seat belts is only possible from the ground

TOP 5 Western saddle Bestseller

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