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A molehill is designed to eliminate moles and addresses the sensitive sensory organs of the moles. A molehill is a tube of up to 40 cm in length, with a small diameter that emits electro-mechanical vibrations at regular intervals, which are supposed to move the mole to leave the area as fast as possible. The frequencies emitted by the molehill are in the range of 300 to 400 hertz. There are also devices available, which are equipped in addition to the interval deliveries with integrated vibration motor, which serves to produce vibrations in the ground.

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Everything for the garden: mole Schreck Video Guide

Moles are beneficials and kill many pests. For example, if the bottom of the garden is attacked by grubs, moles can be a real blessing as they clean up the soil thoroughly and sustainably. In addition, there is the possibility that the mole, after he has eaten his territory empty, just pull away. However, if you do not want to wait for this, you have the option of using a mole scare.

First, however, it should always be found out who you are dealing with exactly. This can be found out by removing some piles of earth. If the hole is in the middle of the hill, it is most likely a mole. However, if the hole is rather lateral, it is a volcano. A second feature of moles is the shape of the gait, which is transversely oval with respect to moles and highly oval with respect to voles.

Compared to conventional attempts to drive out uninvited guests, molehills offer the advantage of appealing to the sensory organs of the animals in order to move them to another area. Due to the signal strength and the frequency of the frequencies, the moles will look for the widest after some time. Depending on the load capacity of the animal, a period of a few days to a few weeks may elapse before the onset of results.

A Maulscheschreck is offered in different variants, whereby numerous devices are operated by means of battery, as for example the Gardigo mole defense Vibrasonic, which offers an environmentally friendly expulsion method. The device is equipped with a very robust aluminum housing and a vibration motor. The impact area of ​​the mole scare is approximately 1250 square meters. To change the battery, the device does not have to be removed from the ground. The battery-powered Maulstoßschreck offers the advantage that it also has an integrated vibration motor. The vibrations produce tremors in the ground, which the mole feels and will leave the area. Thanks to the very good workmanship of the case, the mole scare is durable and also waterproof. The inconspicuous design of the mole scare is suitable for any garden.
Another variant of the mole-fright is powered by solar energy, with the solar cells inside the panel and the unit is equipped with a replaceable battery. The transmission frequency of the device is in the range of 400 Hz and the operating range covers 2500 square meters. The advantage of this solar powered molehill is that it can be charged using the sunlight. The solar cells are located at the upper end of the pipe and are reliably protected from wind and weather by a weatherproof plastic cover. The powerful battery ensures that the mole can be operated during the night. The design of the mole scare is so subtle that it does not stand out in any garden and can be hidden inconspicuously in the ground.

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Tomcat Mole Killerₐ, Mimics Natural Food Source, Poison Kills in a Single Feeding, 10 Worms
  • Tomcat Mole Killerₐ is designed to mimic the mole's natural food source—the earthworm—in both shape and feel
  • Moles may consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take two or more days from the time of bait consumption for moles to die
  • These pest control worms come ready to use and are effective against most common mole species (not for use against the star-nosed mole in North Carolina)
  • Make a hole in the top of an active runway and drop one worm into the opening, ensuring it is completely underground and the hole is carefully resealed
  • One package of Tomcat Mole Killerₐ contains 10 worm baits