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  • Available in most popular sizes.
  • This infrared filter set includes: (1)IR720 Infrared Filter...
  • The IR filters are made of high quality optical glass and...
  • Fit for any camera which lens thread is 52mm, such as PENTAX...
  • The optical low-pass filter is processed by special coating...
  • Excellent optical quality.UV IR-AR 10mm filter is applied to...
  • The product is suitable for CCTV lens,security...
  • Infrared Filter
  • Material: high quality optical glass
  • Size: 72mm
  • Size: 4x4" / 10.16x10.16 cm
  • Filter Factor: Depends on film sensitivity
  • Effect: Filters out visible spectrum
  • Infrared Filter
  • Material: high quality optical glass
  • Size: 58mm

Infrared radiation is a part of optical radiation: the wavelengths of light. Light with longer wavelengths is not perceptible to the human eye. Infrared filters were designed to let the infrared radiation through but block all visible light. In this way, details can be photographed that are actually not visible. In the following guide, all information about the infrared filter is explained in more detail. What is it, what does it serve for and what do I have to consider when making a selection?

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Hoya 77mm R-72 Infrared Filter
  • Available in most popular sizes.

Photo & Camera: Infrared filter Video Guide

Nowadays almost all cameras have an IR cut filter. This prevents blurring and colour falsification due to infrared light. However, the infrared light is not completely filtered out, making it possible to take infrared pictures with many cameras. The infrared filters are available in various thread sizes and degrees of permeability. The infrared filter suppresses the visible light so that the images are created based on the infrared radiation. Photographers can use these filters to get interesting artistic and creative photos. Infrared filters deliver fascinating images with an extremely high black-and-white contrast. The 850 mm filter is suitable for this. There are also filters that allow a small part of the light to pass through. A 720 mm filter is well suited for this purpose. Both infrared filters are included in the following set: Neewer® 4 pieces infrared x-ray filter set: IR720, IR760, IR850 and IR950 / including filter carrying bag for various NIKON DSLR cameras This infrared filter set includes..: IR720, IR760, IR850 and IR950 infrared filters and a carrying bag. The lens is not included. The infrared filters consist of a high-quality optical glass and a high-quality aluminium alloy. The double threaded frame allows additional filters or hoods. The filters create fascinating images. Longwave light is reflected differently by the photographed objects compared to visible light. The atmosphere emanating from infrared images can be described as fairy-tale.

Infrared radiation can penetrate haze or impurities in the air much better than visible light, so that distant objects can be better recognized in the infrared range and the images are therefore more qualitative. This is advantageous for aerial photography, for example. By using the filter interesting effects are achieved and the contrast is increased. Infrared images can be produced well and cheaply, especially with a digital camera. Almost all models are suitable for infrared images, cameras with a weak IR cut filter even better than those with little infrared light reaching the sensor. System and SLR cameras are more ideal for attaching the filter because they have a filter thread. Some cameras are equipped with an adapter ring for a filter, which is pushed onto the lens. If it is not possible to attach the infrared filter, it can be held in front of the lens if necessary.

An infrared filter has several advantages and produces impressive images. Photography thus offers great creative potential. Depending on the permeability rate, grey tones can also be transformed into fascinating black-and-white contrasts of varying intensity. The selection should be considered: The lower the wavelength, the higher the residual proportion of visible light. This means that the greater the wavelength, the less visible light is transmitted. For infrared images, a tripod should be used, as the dark infrared filter requires long exposure times. Image detail and sharpness are adjusted before the filter is screwed on.

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Hoya 77mm R-72 Infrared Filter
  • Available in most popular sizes.
Neewer 52mm 52 mm IR 850 nm 850nm Infrared Infra-Red Filter
  • Infrared Filter
  • Material: high quality optical glass
  • Size: 52mm
Fotga 77mm Six-in-One Adjustable Infrared IR Pass X-Ray Lens Filter 530nm to 750nm
  • Infrared filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to allow IR mid-infrared wavelengths while block visible light. They are often used in devices with bright incandescent light bulbs (such as slide and overhead projectors) to prevent unwanted heating
  • There are also filters which are used in solid state (CCD or CMOS) video cameras to allow IR due to the high sensitivity of many camera sensors to near-infrared light. These filters typically have a blue hue to them as they also sometimes block some of the light from the shorter visible light and UV wavelengths
  • Digital cameras are usually equipped with IR-blocking filters to prevent unnatural-looking images. IR-transmitting (passing) filters, or removal of factory IR-blocking filters, are commonly used in infrared photography to pass infrared light and block visible and ultraviolet light. Such filters appear black to the eye, but are transparent when viewed with an IR sensitive device
  • The creative adjustable IR filter is a compact all-in-one variable wavelengths filter that adjusts the amount of wavelengths with just the twist of your wrist. The index marks on the filter let you know exactly the amount of wavelengths at a glance. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever wavelengths you are using. It offers you the freedom to create different wavelengths freely
  • You don't have to carry a bunch of filters for shooting. Just one filter, gives you from the range 530nm to 750nm freely
Hoya 67mm RM72 Infrared Filter
  • Used for infrared photography applications with digital cameras and specialized IR film
  • Blocks all visible light up to 720nm for photographing subjects and details that are not normally visible.
  • Variable filter factor depending on ISO sensitivity and lighting conditions.
  • Can be paired with colored black and white contrast filters to change the colored or contrast effects with this filter.
  • Made in Japan
NEEWER 72mm IR760 Infra-Red Filter for Camera Lens with 72mm Filter Thread
  • Infrared Filter
  • Material: high quality optical glass
  • Size: 72mm
  • IR76 passes infrared rays above 76nm
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