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The 6 Best Bicycle seat post

  • This is a "permanent" gloss vinyl and should NOT be placed...
  • Please type name as you would like it -- Only make letters...
  • SIZE is based on the height of decal. Height is measured...
  • Make sure to measure the diameter of your old seat post...
  • Travel: 50mm
  • 【PAY ATTENTION】Please do measure the actual required...
  • 【MATERIAL】Seatpost made of 6061 aluminum alloy,strong...
  • 【SIZE】Length:350mm;Diameter:25.4mm 27.2mm 28.6mm...
  • Spring Coil Suspension: Build-in spring coil and damper...
  • ★Pay Attention to Diameter Before Buy★ . Wrong diameter...
  • Clamp Angle Adjustable: Saddle clamp angle can adjust in -5...
  • Maximum Height Extension: 70mm (2.7 inch). Include 4...
  • Easy installation, just connect up the original front fork...
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy Material with polished anodized...
  • ★ Please confirm your bike fork diameter is 28.6mm...
  • ★ The bike stem is sturdy, well designed and easily...
  • ★ The installation is easy because the specs were...

Many cyclists appreciate how well you can explore the countryside by bike. Of course you don’t always have to take on the same ambitious marathons as a well-trained athlete and yet even shorter distances on the bike can be exhausting. Particularly uneven roads and paths strain the back during the ride due to the vibrations and, last but not least, this can quickly upset a cyclist’s balance. Here the seat post is a useful accessory. It is easy to attach to a mountain bike, racing bike or bicycle and ensures a quieter bike ride

Our Top Bicycle seat post Pick

Name or Word Decal - Personalized - Solid and Glitter Color Choices - Custom - Choose Size, Font, and Color - Adhesive Die Cut Vinyl Lettering for Cup, Tumbler, Car Window, Laptop, Boat, Vehicle
  • This is a "permanent" gloss vinyl and should NOT be placed on walls
  • Please type name as you would like it -- Only make letters UPPERCASE that you want to be uppercase. Fonts 1, 2, and 5 do not differ from uppercase to lowercase.
  • SIZE is based on the height of decal. Height is measured from the top of the tallest letter to the bottom of those lowest. Ex: Mary would be the top of the M to the bottom of the y.
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  • If applying to tumblers - please allow 24 hours before using to let the decal "cure." Wash gently by hand. If applying to phone - decals may start to peel at edges over time if handled often.

Bicycle & E-Bikes: Bicycle seat post Video Guide

A bicycle seat post is the tube on the bicycle that connects the bicycle seat to the frame. It is fixed in the seat tube by the frame and additionally on the saddle. There it cushions vibrations and provides more damping. The unevenness of the ground is not transferred directly to the rider and the bike thanks to a good seat post, which calms the riding feeling, provides a better balance and also cushions the load peaks that otherwise act directly on the bike frame due to inadequate damping.

Which seat post is suitable depends to a large extent on the type of bicycle available. The required diameter of the seat post must also match the size of the seat tube or the seat tube of the bike. Common diameters for bicycle seat posts are 27.2 millimetres and 31.6 millimetres. To make sure that every cyclist can find a suitable model, some manufacturers offer numerous other widths. The variety of these products has generally changed in recent years: 1. saddle candleThe saddle candle is the original form of the bicycle seat post which has a standard diameter of 22 mm and is usually fixed to the saddle clamp by its connecting piston. The saddle inclination can also be adjusted there. 2. Spring seat postThis variant offers the possibility of significantly increasing ride comfort for little money. The integrated springs absorb shocks and unevenness when driving by following the driver’s movements. This also automatically changes the seat height. The weight of the cyclist is reduced by the seat post, which can also increase the service life of the bicycle.3. Patent seat postThe extremely stable patent seat post turns the seat piston and the support tube into a single unit, noticeably increasing robustness. Depending on the model, the patent saddle post is attached to the saddle rails with one or two Allen screws, which allows the adjustment mechanism of the saddle tilt angle to be finer and better operated. 4. Vario seat postThe Vario seat post can be adjusted while driving using the lever or knob on the bicycle handlebar. The height of the saddle is then regulated by the weight of the rider exerted on the bicycle seat post.

Various seat posts are also available for the fastening mechanisms. The saddle clamp, which is usually attached to the top of the seat tube, is often found. Depending on the price class, it can also be used independently. The clamp with quick release is also widely used, especially on mountain bikes, as these bikes are often used in rough terrain with steep slopes. In such situations, the rider must shift the centre of gravity to the rear and a quick-release ensures that the bicycle saddle can be lowered quickly. This allows the cyclist to keep his balance better during heavy rides.

Steel, titanium, aluminium and CFRP (carbon reinforced plastic) are the most common materials used to make seat posts. CFRP is usually only found on racing bikes where the rider has to save every gram of weight in order to reach high speeds. If you would like to save additional weight, you should use ultra-light components such as CFRP. If, on the other hand, you simply want to sit comfortably on a bike tour without sporty demands, you should ideally use a spring-loaded bicycle seat post made of robust aluminium.

TOP 5 Bicycle seat post Bestseller

SR Suntour SP12 NCX bike Suspension Seatpost with Cover (27.2mm x 350mm)
  • Make sure to measure the diameter of your old seat post before ordering
  • Travel: 50mm
  • Length: 350mm (Maximum extension of 300mm height)
  • Preload adjustable
DJC Bike Suspension Seatpost Shock Absorber Damper Post 27.2 30.9 31.6 mm, Lightweight Aluminum Body (Black Head, 27.2mm)
  • Spring Coil Suspension: Build-in spring coil and damper rubber absorb the vibration while riding, the seat post comfort your riding experience, improve the shocks. Rebound force adjustable by tighten or loose the bottom screw. Suspension travel 42mm/ 1.65inch.
  • ★Pay Attention to Diameter Before Buy★ . Wrong diameter will not able to install, 27.2mm/28.6mm/30mm/30.4/30.9/31.6/33.9 they are different and not exchangeable. You can see your seatpost diameter if you take out it from the bike frame.
  • Clamp Angle Adjustable: Saddle clamp angle can adjust in -5 degree to +18 degree. Clamp offset 14mm.
  • Excellent Quality: Produced by world famous bike components supplier HL CORP and comply to international bicycle safety standard ISO 4210. Full aluminum 6061 body ensure the lightweight, 27.2mm weight 498g/ 1.1lbs, 31.6mm weight 508g/ 1.2lbs. Surface anodized.
  • 2 Years Warranty: We are confident to the product quality and offer 2 years warranty. It fit for riders weight 50kg/ 110lbs to 100kg/ 220lbs(Clockwise the bottom screw if you are heavy, anticlockwise it if you are lightweight).
31.8 Bike Stem Adjustable 0-60 Degree Bicycle Stem Handlebar Riser Extender for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, MTB, BMX (Only Fit 1.25"/31.8mm Handlebar) (31.8 x 130mm)
  • ★ Please confirm your bike fork diameter is 28.6mm (1-1/8") and the handlebar diameter is 31.8mm (1-1/4") before order!!!
  • ★ The bike stem is sturdy, well designed and easily adjusted, which is preferable to removing the handlebar stem and exchanging it for one with a different angle.
  • ★ The installation is easy because the specs were accurately represented. There is a "degree of angle" indicator on the adjacent parts to allow you to set your angel correctly. The stem has a opening that allows you to see where the handle bar is positioned.
  • ★ This is a pretty nice riser, good adjust-ability. Depending on the thickness of your handlebar, you may need to install a shim. Be sure to use glue on threads if any loosen up.
  • ★ Use the adjustable stem to achieve a more comfortable riding position, the pain caused by the original setup in shoulders/arms/back had to be corrected. This stem and a riser handlebar did the trick, allow you to sit more upright on bike which is better for your back.
ZUKKA Bike Seat Post 27.2 x 350mm (1.07" x 13.8",with Safe Line Mark Aluminum Alloy SeatPost for Mountain Road Bicycle
  • 【PAY ATTENTION】Please do measure the actual required diameter before purchasing. Saddle clamp is not included, please buy the saddle clamp separately if needed.
  • 【SIZE】Length: 350 mm; Diameter: 27.2mm; Thickness of the tube: 2 mm. Weight: 6.6 ounces. Color: Black.
  • 【MATERIAL】Seatpost made of aluminum alloy, light weight and durable. Polished anodized finish, never rust.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】Installation is a breeze, just unbolt your old seat and remove your seat post then bolt on your seat to your new seat post and install it into your bike frame.
  • 【UNIVERSAL FIT】Suitable for most road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bikes, downhill bike, track bike, MTB, BMX, DH, etc.

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