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Fitness plays an increasingly important role in the lives of many people. But who controls the steps, who counts the calories and who measures the heart rate. For this, there are now many useful apps for the smartphone and also tried and tested small aids. Fitness wristbands combine all these functions in a useful and above all very small and compact device that can be worn around the wrist. In the meantime, there are many suppliers who have launched a fitness bracelet on the market. These so-called fitness trackers are now selling very well. But not all devices of this kind are really good or meet the requirements that users have of them. For this reason, it makes sense to ask in detail about the integrated functions before buying a not exactly cheap device. Anyway, the need is there. Market studies show that sales of millions of devices worldwide are expected. For it is not only in Europe that people’s drive for fitness has grown. One reason why these devices are apparently so popular is that the promise of the manufacturers, namely to defeat the inner son of a bitch with them, obviously hits the zeitgeist. Because the fitness wristbands should above all motivate the wearer to practice a more active and healthier lifestyle. Because the fitness wristbands indicate the desire to move, which has not yet been fulfilled in one day. This means that these devices hold a mirror in front of the user and encourage him to get the most out of himself every day.

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Visually beautiful looking fitness bracelets something in a pastel color or in a brightly beautiful gold or silver are offered by some manufacturers. These should above all also cover a fashionable aspect. Because many people don’t want you to stand out enough to wear a fitness bracelet. Others see the fitness tracker as a beautiful fashion accessory that should also attract some attention. In principle, however, when buying a fitness bracelet, it should not depend on the color of the device. Rather, attention should be paid to the functions that the device has to offer. And when selecting the manufacturer, care should be taken to ensure that it attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. Because some of these trackers contain the phthalate plasticizer DEHP. And this is not exactly beneficial to health. DEHP is said to impair reproductive ability. So just beautiful colored or very soft from the wearing feeling Fitness wristbands should be viewed very critically. Therefore, when you buy a product, you should also look at the material specified by the manufacturer and not just at the appearance.

But even if a fitness bracelet is not obviously soft, you should pay attention to the high wearing comfort. Many users leave the fitness wristbands on their arm 24 hours a day. Of course, the bracelet should not press and should be as elastic as possible. The closure must also be observed in this context. It’s not so rare for trackers to just open up, unintentionally. Therefore, before purchasing, it should be checked whether the mounting option of the envisaged tracker can also withstand the energy effects that occur most frequently during the activities to be carried out. However, a fitness bracelet in the form of a bracelet without a clasp is sufficient at best to withstand daily activities such as counting footsteps while walking. The bracelet should have a higher quality clasp when doing weight training or outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering or golfing. This is the only way to protect yourself against the loss of the device. A simple bracelet would possibly slip from the wrist because the force effects are quite high. However, the best choice is a fitness bracelet that has the possibility to attach a so-called bitbelt. These are small safety rings which are regarded as reliable additional closures. There are also devices that can be detached from the bracelet and attached to a belt clip. These clips can be fastened very well to the sport dress. For mountain tours it is recommended to clip these clips to your jacket pocket. Some outdoor jackets now even have special button or Velcro straps for this purpose

Most users of a fitness bracelet naturally select the device according to its functions. Depending on the price class and manufacturer, different functions are also offered for the different devices. The motion sensor and the pedometer are standard, although the scope of functions varies from supplier to supplier. Some fitness wristbands only record the number of steps, which they only interpret to mean that they cannot be used for jogging. Other devices distinguish between different patterns, such as walking, running and racing. The step protocol, from which the user derives the energy values, which are already quite differentiated, is correspondingly different. Ultimately, only such a fitness bracelet is also suitable for sporting activities. The heart rate can also be measured with these devices, as can the pulse. For this purpose, however, the device must be combined with a chest strap. In addition to these displays, which are very useful for strength and amateur sports, some manufacturers also provide other features for the trackers. For fitness wristbands that are also suitable for hiking and mountain climbing, for example, the manufacturers have also integrated an altimeter into the devices. If the device is to be used for motivation, it makes sense if the device also has a vibrating battery. In a phase of the day with little movement, the user is made aware of the fact that it is time to move again. This alarm can also be used as a wake-up alarm. But especially if the fitness bracelet is to be worn 24 hours a day, it is important that the device is also able to record sleep phases. It also makes sense to be able to enter personal data and convert the power into calorie consumption. In this way it is possible to manage extensive motion profiles

Especially if you want to wear your fitness bracelet every day and 24 hours a day, you should make sure that the device has a high protection class. The protection class in this case means the degree of water resistance. There are fitness wristbands that only have splash water protection. These not only endure the passage to the shower, but also light to moderate rainfall. For outdoor activities such as golf, hiking or mountaineering, fitness wristbands with high water resistance should be chosen. The IP67 protection class stands for a maximum stay of 30 minutes in shallow water. With an IP58 fitness bracelet you can stay in shallow water for longer. But here, too, there are differences. Some devices are even suitable for diving to a depth of 100 m and are still waterproof

Anyone looking for a fitness bracelet should not be blinded by beautiful colours. It would be better to take a closer look at the functions that fitness wristbands have to offer. Really good fitness wristbands can also be worn around the clock – even when showering and even underwater when diving.

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