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  • Included Components: Slam Ball 20 Lb
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • EASY TO GRIP SURFACE: Feature a grooved and textured PVC...
  • THICK SEAMLESS DESIGN: Specially formulated resilient soft...
  • EASY TO GRIP SURFACE: Feature a grooved and textured PVC...
  • THICK SEAMLESS DESIGN: Specially formulated resilient soft...
  • 『Sturdy Rubber Construction』Both of ball shell and...
  • 『10 Pounds Weighted』The F2C 10-pound medicine ball for...
  • 『Durable and Non-slip Surface』This 10# exercise ball...
  • UNLEASH YOUR POWER: TRX Slam Balls will help you unleash...
  • EASY-GRIP TEXTURED SURFACE: The TRX Slam Ball features a...
  • DURABLE RUBBER SHELL: Designed to survive your toughest...
  • Elevate your routine: Champion Sports provides workout gear...
  • Non-slip, controlled grip: The exterior is made of synthetic...
  • Unrivaled, lasting durability: Using professional-grade,...

Fitness: Medicine ball Video Guide

In the sense of a general view the medicine ball has a diameter, which lies with a size of 30 to 35 centimeters. As a rule, a weight of one to five kilograms can be assumed. However, there are several other models that have an interpretation as volleyball. The name of these balls comes from the United States. Initially, these balls were used as medicine dedicated to the body. Finally, when catching and throwing the balls, the entire musculature is strengthened. It is to be assumed that the New York policeman William Muldoon invented the medicine ball. The ball is filled with cork granules or wild hair, which soon served well as sports equipment in curative gymnastics. In the 20th century, the medical ball was introduced in Germany, and since that time it has been indispensable as a piece of sports equipment. Today the world of the medicine ball is very diverse and partly colourful.

This ball also has the meaning of a fitness ball, a rehab ball or a weight ball. These balls are available in different colors, which stand for the respective weight. The medicine ball has long since developed into an effective sports article that optimally supports whole-body training. In particular it comes to the increase of strength endurance, condition and coordination. This combination is particularly important for effective core and circuit training. In addition, every area of the body musculature is trained and stressed by throwing and catching.

As a weight ball, this medicine ball shows what it can do, as it is available with one kilogram as well as with five or eight kilograms. A strengthening of the body is made possible by well-dosed training. The more the weight is selected, the higher the strain on the respective muscles will be. There will be an opportunity to work with the balls as “All in One” training equipment. This strengthens every area of the musculature. The medical ball made of high-quality plastic has a non-slip surface and is characterized by its grip. Other positive features include easy cleaning, so that the pleasure of sport is maintained for a long time

The diameter of this medicine ball is 25 centimetres. Two handles allow you to lift the medicine ball with one hand or with both hands. In this way it can also come to tearing and throwing. This medicine ball is available in different weight classes. When working with this medicine ball there is a moderate rebound effect. In addition, the medicine ball convinces by its easy cleaning possibility in connection with disinfectant and water.

Sometimes medicine balls are characterized by their diversity. They have a simple and at the same time noble design with a black outer skin, which is enhanced by blue stripes. The special quality of the balls is due to the surface of the golf ball and the corrugation, so that they are easy to handle. Thus, a supposedly simple piece of sports equipment does a great service to health.

TOP 5 Medicine ball Bestseller

F2C 10 lbs Medicine Ball Workout Med Ball for Core Strength, Balance, Coordination Exercise Non-Slip Rubber Shell Textured Surface
  • 『Sturdy Rubber Construction』Both of ball shell and bladder are made of high quality and eco-friendly rubber material, ensures the medicine ball is sturdy and durable. You can work a lot of body parts with this ball, get the heart rate up and build strength.
  • 『10 Pounds Weighted』The F2C 10-pound medicine ball for full body various exercises; The ball doesn't bounce and can hit a concrete floor from full extension without causing any damage at all.
  • 『Durable and Non-slip Surface』This 10# exercise ball featured with textured basketball-like surface to offer more comfortable and easier grip during the workout, enjoy your full body workout and it can make you feel the burn.
  • 『Versatile Use & Fun』Excellent body training tool to help develop your muscular strength, core strength, endurance, balance, stability, improve coordination and joint integrity as it forces you to use different muscles to control it.
  • 『Portable & Workout Free』This small exercise ball is great for resistance exercises. Ideal for home, gym or outdoor use; Perfect for classic medicine ball workout, building body muscular, strength training, balance training and plyometrics training in daily life. Easy to take it to anywhere and not subject to the restrictions of the venue, time etc. 1 year warranty and feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
Champion Sports Rhino Promax Elite Slam Balls, 14 lb, Soft Shell with Non-Slip Grip - Medicine Wall Ball for Slamming, Bouncing, Throwing - Exercise Ball Set for Crossfit, Plyometrics, Cross Training
  • Tacky vinyl surface and design
  • Soft shell construction maintains shape
  • Each ball is 14" D for parallel exercise movement
  • Use with functional training
  • Reinforced seam construction
AmazonBasics Workout Fitness Exercise Weighted Medicine Ball - 10 Pounds, Blue and Black
  • 10-pound ball for upper- and lower-body exercises
  • Ideal for classic medicine ball workouts
  • Helps develop core strength, balance, and coordination
  • Sturdy rubber construction; can bounce off hard surfaces
  • Textured finish provides a superior grip
Weighted Slam Ball by Day 1 Fitness – 15 lbs RED - No Bounce Medicine Ball - Gym Equipment Accessories for High Intensity Exercise, Functional Strength Training, Cardio, CrossFit
  • BUILT TO ENDURE THE TOUGHEST SLAMS: With a thick outer shell that absorbs multiple impacts, slamming or throwing this handheld ball against walls or the ground forces you to utilize more energy and force, resulting in more calorie burning and endurance.
  • EXPAND AND INTENSIFY YOUR WORKOUT PROGRAM: Using these weighted workout balls in place of dumbbells or kettlebells can improve your training significantly and burn more calories by adding extra weight to your sit ups, push ups, squats, and plyo jumps.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY STAGE OF FITNESS: Whether you’re a beginner on the fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, the weight varieties of these slam balls allow you to slowly and incrementally challenge yourself and provides an assortment of sizes for variety.
  • LOOK LEANER AND STRONGER: Improve your overall body muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Run longer, jump farther, lift more and perform better. Achieve your best shape, whether training alone or with a partner.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Comprised of a strong outer shell and a sand-filled core, the dead weight provides challenging resistance, but won’t damage or hurt walls, floors, or your personal trainer’s hands. Our premium slam balls will last you ages.
RBX Weight Training Slam Ball for Strength and Conditioning, 8-Pound
  • Build core strength and rotational power plus boost aerobic capacity and endurance with this 8-pound weight training medicine ball, which is filled with sand to prevent it from bouncing or rolling.
  • Engineered for increased durability to withstand you most vigorous workouts, the Slam Ball's soft touch flex rubber exterior features a grooved, textured surface provides maximum grip even with sweaty hands.
  • Turn any spot into your own personal gym and enjoy a varied, full-body workout that will help increase stability and balance control, promote and maintain lean muscle mass, and improve range of motion.
  • Great for home fitness workouts and high-intensity training, this versatile weight ball help build strength for sports that require throwing, hitting, and swinging and is ideal for focusing on triceps, calves, back, glutes, and quads.
  • This package includes one 8-pound slam ball with contoured grip pattern