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The sling training is an interesting mixture of equipment training and training with the own body weight, because the sling functions with the versatile exercises as a lever. That the slings have besides a certain play, promotes besides the co-ordinative abilities of the musculature and demands the body tension in completely new measure. Even simple looking exercises on the loops become a real challenge.

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The loops can either be hung up on the door at home with a door anchor (always in the closing direction of the door) or they can be attached to pull-up bars, cages at sports fields or monkey bars. A good hold is important – thanks to their small size and low weight, training loops are extremely portable and can be easily stored in smaller pockets. In contrast to equipment training in the gym, the core on the loops is always active. This is the only way to ensure the correct body tension for the exercises. The loops provide added sporting value even during simple exercises such as push-ups or butterflies, because the body has to guide itself. Thus the exercises also train completely new muscle groups and create more dynamics, flexibility and elasticity. The training thus becomes an athletic experience because the realistic movement sequences optimise the muscles. The sling training is therefore ideal for athletes who want to offer their muscles additional incentives and who like to train functionally. The loops are less suitable for fast muscle building

The sling training made a big leap in popularity some years ago in Germany, spread by the TRX trend. Further developed by Randy Hetrick, the TRX tapes provide the formal template for most sling trainers: rubberized handles, separate loops for the feet and an easily adjustable size with metal clamp. Even with the classic gymnastic rings, many sling training exercises can be performed, even if the wooden rings are not as comfortable as the rubberized handles. The bracket must be observed when purchasing. Because door holders are not included with every loop trainer and are not practical for every door. Basically, products like the original TRX tapes are very expensive, there are many sling trainers that deliver a similar quality for much less money. Gymnastic rings are also a cost-effective alternative, but differ in the way the rings are divided into two parts. Sling trainers hang on a rope suspension and then divide themselves. This allows an optimal lever for many exercises, rings cannot reach this lever and the central suspension.

In terms of quality, you should make sure that all metal fasteners and carabiners are fastened. The loops are best double stitched, so they are more robust and resistant. Even a trial grip on the grip pieces can not hurt, after all, the grips will be in the hands for hours. If the sling trainer is to be attached to a pull-up bar on a sports field, it must also be sufficiently long. Not only the hands should fit comfortably into the loops, but also the feet. Exercises such as single leg squats with overlay or Atomic push ups can thus be integrated into sling training. Not only very light constructions made of plastic and thin metal clamps are not recommended, but also sling trainers made of ropes are not a good alternative

Sling trainers are a perfect training tool, because they not only promote strength and endurance, but also noticeably help with better coordination. Even invisible muscle groups that only serve the balance are trained in this way, which also helps with sports such as Calisthenics, CrossFit or the football match at the weekend. A good sling trainer is a versatile pocket-sized gym.

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